Saturday, June 29, 2013

My new blog about my thoughts on life

We are alive! Isn't that great? We can do whatever we want? Doesn't it seem like everyone has forgotten? Wake up :)
It seems there used to be more interactivity between people.  Or am I wrong?  Now we just have barriers.  Barriers of cynicism, sarcasm, judgement, hate, indifference, and a lack of love.  What caused this?  I want to smile at the pretty girl across the street without her thinking I'm weird, ha.  You know?  

Take chances.  Meet strangers.  I'm meeting a Hungarian girl today in about 30 minutes actually, while I'm visiting in London.  We are young!  We wont be forever.  Let's stop thinking about life, and get out there and live it.  While doing so, maybe we can all be cool with each other, politics aside.  We all work for what we want, but when it's time to explore, play, adventure, can we leave it all at the door?  

Those are my thoughts today, wish me luck.  I wont be lame, I'll admit it, I'm looking for young love again.